Makeup Removing Puff (set of two)

Makeup Removing Puff (set of two)

This revolutionary product simply removes makeup by JUST adding water! As-well as being unisex, the product is non-toxic, reusable, recyclable, vegan and cruelty free!


The Makeup Removing Puffs ease the process of removing makeup, the microfibres allow the product to be broken down on the skin, gently removing any makeup or skincare product on the face, through simply adding either hot or cold water. The puffs reduce acne scars and pores along with balancing the Ph levels in our skin. The product leaves no mess or drip during the task and can be washed over 200 times, replacing 500 makeup wipes and providing the client with seven years of use. 


This product not only helps the environment by eliminating the waste that makeup wipes create, but also removes the toxins that are transferred onto your skin through products like makeup wipes. 


The puffs come in a packet of two, leaving each individual will have a product available for use at any time. Available in pink, white and black. 


Product is £12.99